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get involved:
faculty & Staff

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Democracy Day isn't just for students! The day is meant to engage the entire Stanford community, including faculty and staff. Here's how you can get involved in your role and be part of Stanford's effort to support democracy.


host a dinner & dialogue table

RSVP to host a dinner here. This event, which offers professors a chance to chat with a group of students from across campus, is an annual tradition that is always a favorite of students and faculty alike.


attend other events yourself

Check out our calendar for more information about events, and find one (or many) to attend between November 2nd and November 7th. Most are open to everyone in the campus community, not just students.


bring it up in class

Do you teach a class?

  1.  Add Democracy Day to your syllabus.

  2.  Remind students to participate with announcements, both in class and through Canvas, emails, and other online platforms.

  3.  Use a class session to discuss how democracy and civic engagement intersect with the class topic. Not sure how it does? We'll bet you a coffee that we can think of a connection—feel free to reach out to our team to talk more.


want to do more?

Reach out to us—we're always excited for any opportunity to work with faculty! Please also let us know if you'd be interested in joining our advisory board as we work to plan Democracy Day in future years.

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